FREE Stock Market Beginner's Course

Stock Market Beginner's Video Course includes Stock Market Basics, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Futures & Options Markets Videos. Complete information at one place. Enjoy!

Beginner's Course

Beginner's Course

VJS Academy developed this Stock Market Video Course for Novice to Experienced Traders.
Our Video Course includes Stock Market Basics, Cash Market, Futures & Options Market Concepts, Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis all that you need.

Technical Analysis Concepts:

  • Introduction about Stock Market and Attitude of a Trader
  • Stock Market Basics and What is Stock Market Part 1
  • Stock Market Basics and What is Stock Market Part 2
  • What is Technical Analysis and Types of How to install Meta Trader 4 (MT)?
  • How to Use Meta Trader 4 for Start Market Technical Analysis?
  • What is Support and Resistance in Stock Market Technical Analysis?
  • How to use Support and Resistance and how to draw SR Levels?
  • What are the Types of Trends in Stock Market?
  • How to Use Trends and how to draw Trend Lines?
  • What Type of Orders we can Take in Stock Market?
  • What are Market Orders and what are Pending Orders?
  • What Type of Trader you are?
  • What are Positional Trading, Swing Trading and Intra-day Trading?
  • What are Moving Averages and Importance of Moving Averages?
  • How to use Moving Averages?
  • Simple Strategies using Multiple Moving Averages
  • What are Candlestick Patterns in Technical Analysis?
  • What is the importance of Candlestick Patterns?
  • What are Indicators and importance of Indicators in Technical Analysis?
  • How to use Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, MACD, RSI, CCI, Stochastics and other Indicators?
  • How to use MACD Indicator in Divergence Strategy?
  • What is Money Management and how to follow Discipline in Stock Market Trading?
  • How to balance Money Management and Risk Management for more Profits?
  • What are Emotions and their role in Stock Market Trading?
  • What is Fibonacci Tool and how to use Fibonacci in Stock Market Retracements?
  • How to Combine Fibonacci and Elliott Wave Theory?

Fundamental Analysis Concepts:

  • Introduction of Fundamental Analysis
  • What is the importance of Fundamental Analysis for a Stock Market Investor?
  • What is Market Capitalization?
  • Investment Model for Investors for Capital Protection
  • What are the important Factors in Fundamental Analysis?
  • What is Earnings Per Share (EPS) and how to understand it?
  • How to study Price to Earnings (PE) Ratio in Fundamental Analysis?
  • How to study difference between Stock PE and Industry PE?
  • How to compare Stock PE with Index PE?
  • How to understand Price to Book Value?
  • What are Promoter Holding and Pledged Percent?
  • What is Return of Equity (ROE) and how to understand it?
  • What is Operating Profits Margins?
  • What is Graham Number and how to find it?
  • How to analyse Balance Sheets and Reports of a Stock or a Company?
  • How to use for Fundamental Analysis?

Options Market Concepts:

  • What are Options in Stock Market Trading?
  • Types of Options in Stock Market
  • What is Option Buying and what is Option Writing?
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Option Buying?
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Option Selling?
  • What is Strike Price and what is Moneyness?
  • What are At The Money (ATM), In The Money (ITM) and Out The Money (OTM)?
  • What are Contracts and Expiry Date of Contracts?
  • What is Option Premium and how to understand it?
  • Valuation of Premium Price
  • What are Option Greeks and how to use them?
  • Options Trading Strategies
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Options Trading